Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of Headaches and High School

I went out Friday night to celebrate Brandon Hunters Birthday with him. Of course, I was at the bar, alone, for an hour! But that's alright I still had a good time, and though Brandon and I weren't really friendly in high school, I'm glad we can put everything aside and be adults! Besides, it's always nice to see people from High School. And it was a good time. We talked and drank, and hung out. I guess we're going to do that more often, hang out that is. Brandon's a cool dude after all!

So I seem to be getting a lot of Adware crap on my computer. This one (I've had two!) wants to take me to and Don't go. Adware wouldn't be such an issue it if wasn't pop up after pop up. Any suggestions on how I fix it? Free Adware blocker! Give it to me. I hate pop ups! I'll just stick it down in the far right corner for now. I think that'll work. Seems to be so far! Now if I can just stop the porn sites from coming up life will be good.

My Aunt Brooke fixed the wireless. Too bad I have a P.O.S. computer that won't pick up a wireless signal. I seriously need a new one.

...I had a reason for writing but I forgot why. It's taken me several days to write this. I know, I suck! But at least I'm writing now. Right? Meh. Hopefully it won't take me as long next time and I'll have something more to say, or something decent to say.

Oh! Heath and I are going to Jesus Christ Superstar on Thursday. I'm really super excited! Ted Neeley is seriously one of my favorite actors/singers ever, also JCSS is my favorite Musical of all time. I'm super excited to see it live! It's going to be amazing. I'll tell you about it on Friday.

Anyway, before I start to get all emo on you, I best go. Also, it's bed time! Cross your fingers that my love life starts getting easier to figure out okay? Thanks.


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