Thursday, April 15, 2010

Logic Backwards My

I made my schedule for the month of March. It is going to be hell. I'm working part time at the Washakie desk, so four days, and six hours a day at the desk! After a long day with the babies. 4pm-10pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Disgusting! I guess only Tuesday and Thursday will suck, but otherwise I'll be fine. I'm not staying in the dorms yet. That'll be in June, when I start working full time at Downey. Which actually won't be that bad, I'll be off at what? Like Four? I think it was four. Maybe it was Six. I'm not sure, I just know I'm working the Downey desk, everyday until is closes, while everyone is in their summer school classes. Everyday, except the weeks I'm at camp!

So Johnny is graduating in like two weeks!! I'm really excited to head up that way, but I'm going with the Grandma, who still doesn't know I have a tattoo. I'm going to have to be extra diligent on the car ride up there. Because if she finds out about it she will kill me! And that would be the worst thing ever! I would probably cry. I would definately cry!! Any, I'll be going to Spokane, Washington on that Friday (Or heading up there) and won't be home until Monday or so. That'll be awesome. I can't believe Johnny is already done with school and I haven't even started. But! He's still got grad school here in Laramie. That'll be pretty much amazing! I can't wait for him to live here!! It's going to be the most fun ever! Seriously. Johnny is like my best friend, I don't even think of him as my cousin, but another brother.

Anyway, so I've got that at the beginning of the Month, and at the end of the Month is Staff retreat in Guernsey. Hopefully I can get up there! I want to go very very badly! It'd be amazing if I was able to! A whole weekend with the people I love most (except you know, my blood relatives). I'm really looking forward to that!

Alright, what to write about...I told you I'm not good at this blogging thing. Half the time my entries won't even have a point to them, it'll just be me writing crap, which I'm best at! Also, misspelling everything because Spell Check has forgotten to work!

Let's see. What else can I tell you about? Oh! I've gotten some art work done for me lately. I'm always getting work done for me! Anyway, it's the image I've got up there. Scary ass Mofo right? Yeah. I wish I could draw like that. Unfortunately I can't claim that as my own. Just my idea. I'd like to do something with it, but i'm not sure what yet. Maybe write a story. That'd be fun. It'd get my creative juices flowing more.

Creative juices sounds naughty!!

My aunt has been staying with us this week, and through next week too. She's looking for a job up here. That'll be weird to have her living here in Laramie, but also neat. I'm still on the edge about how I feel about that. Could be awesome, could be like having another Mom hanging around! Ha!

Anyway, I'm gonna stop typing and go do something else.


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