Friday, April 16, 2010

Trending Setting

I feel like I've set a trend! I'm looking at my Facebook page and several of my friends have started blogs, and even more are writing little bloggy notes. How exciting. It feels nice to write and get things off your chest, I know! And it's way easier to type! I'm much happier in front of a computer than a notebook I find. Sad I know, but this is why I need one of those little notebook computers. Than I can blog from anywhere! Won't that just be thrilling! I know I'm excited about it! It'll be pretty sweet. Also I'm dying for a new laptop. Mines a piece of crap. A serious piece of crap!

Anyway, I went to Cheyenne with Heath last night to watch Crash of the Titans. Which was pretty much epic. They did such an amazing job with it. It's not a remake, but a reboot, which really isn't the worst thing ever. It was very very fun to watch. And then we stayed for the 10:00 PM showing of Kick Ass, which kicked some freaking ass! That movie was awesome but not kid friendly at all. Poor Adrian! I really enjoyed both of the movies, and an evening with Heath. A girl couldn't ask for a better friend!

We talked about (as we did when we went to Fort Collins) relationships and shoes. And you know, as wrong for me as Flip Flop (Oooh you know, I have to give nick-names!) is I am happy. Or mostly happy, I mean I'm terrified that he's going to hurt me, as I usually am when something is too good to be true. I mean, how many times have I started to let myself get even slightly emotionally attached to a guy and then he turns around and starts seeing someone else. When it's not serious it's not a big deal, but when I really dig someone, as much as I'm digging Flip Flop, I get super self concious. I don't like to be hurt, and when I don't have much to escape to, I try to keep myself from getting hurt. I suppose I should talk to him about this. If I ever see him!

You want to avoid any hasty decisions today, Libra, as these could have long lasting effects on your romantic affairs. If you are attached, you and your partner may be having some problems finding a common ground on a relationship issue. Your conscience may be plaguing you on this one, and in this case you are best to give in to their needs, and wait for your turn down the road. Single? Caution is advised for you today as well, you don't want to jump into anything too soon or make any big decisions today. You may be presented with an opportunity that sounds too good to be true, and you know what that usually means, don't you?

That's what my "Love Horoscope" on Facebook said today. I seriously hate those things. They are creepy! But it really does help. I feel like I'm in that exact situation and I was about ready to do something really stupid. Maybe I'll hold back, wait for a bit, see how the cards fall.

Until then! Enjoy this video and fall in love with this band. Thanks to a certain someone I have this song stuck in my head.


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